4 Interesting Things You Can Do With Brown Paper Gift Bags

September 9th, 2017

Doing interesting things with paper bags is really not a new art. What? You didn’t know about it? Well, there are loads of creative ideas which will be loved by you and your children. Although, there is no lack of the things you can do with this eco-friendly stuff, but here are some best things you can do to showcase your creativity -

Vintage paper wrappers

Being one of the most attractive parts of the vintage eta, brown coloured paper gift bags are preferred to be used as a classic gift wrapper. There are many simple to complicated ideas for making those gift wrappers. For instance, you can make an envelope and decorate it with white lace and bows, this will give an elegant look to your gift. The size of the envelope can be varied according to your requirement. Another good thing you can do is pairing up paper carriers with newspaper paper wrappers for a vintage look.

Brown paper basket

Your kids will love to do this fun activity. If you have a whole bunch of bags of paper that you want to utilize in a productive manner, you can prefer making paper baskets out of them. For this, you can first cut these bags into thin strips and then weave them together like a wooden basket. Definitely, this basket is not for the purpose of carrying heavy objects but just to keep in your showcase and catching eyes of the visitors. Decorating this basket with flowers, small soft toys or keeping pens and candies in it will add elegance to your drawing room.

Brown paper scrapbook

This is an amazing idea. Making a scrapbook of your memorable holidays, fun events and occasions is something you like to do. This helps not only to bring your creativity out but also to restore those lovely moments in the scrapbooks. So, you might have prepared so many scrapbooks in your life. Why not make a paper scrapbook this time with those left over bags of paper. This neutral color on the base will enhance the beauty of your holiday pictures and write-ups manifold.

Lovely luminaries

DIY luminaries are used in almost every home at the time of special occasions. No issue, what size of paper lamps or what cuts you prefer, you can do it for your fun. Take a bag made of paper and cut a perfect square out of it. Then fold the square in half. You will find a rectangle shape. Fold the rectangle in the manner that you would get a square. Start cutting this structure in a pattern that you would ultimately get a luminary pattern on the paper. Then, open the paper again, keep a weight on it and carefully hold the outer parts of the paper upwards. Your paper lamp is ready.

These are some really amazing ideas you can do with your brown paper lunch bags. You can discover many similar ideas and keep yourself engaged in your free time.

The Music Industry Is in a Stand Still – Old Bands Play New Shows – Who Will Be the Next Big Sound?

September 9th, 2017

In an attempt to find the next new big, world changing sound I thought I would start with Aggitated Pearl. Many people that are affiliated with the music industry today do think it is in a stand still and nothing new is truly coming forward like the “Grunge days” from Nirvana to Candlebox. I spoke to Jeffrey Michael III the other day who is the lead singer of Aggitated Pearl to see what his thoughts were on Music today. The Band is from Ft. Lauderdale Florida and are amongst the great bands that have come out of there over the years. I am talking about Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids to Nonpoint just to name two as there are many South Florida Bands to make it in the National and International spotlight. Aggitated Pearl is fronted by Jeffrey Michael III and Troy Dovey. There are many who think their sound makes no sense. They are a band which you cannot really put into any one category but their lyrics and sound seem to run deep with many young teenagers. I spoke to Jeffrey Michael III via phone the other day to get the scoop on what’s happening with his band now.

CC: “Hello Jeffrey, what’s happening?”

JM: “I had a late night so I am still up writing.”

CC: “So tell me what do you think Aggitated Pearl can do right now to help the music industry because as you know many think it is in a stand still?”

JM: “Troy and I always keep in touch and somehow the conversation came up since we have finally obtained all the rights to our vast music library from the record label and I won’t say who, but we had some serious differences on what to release on our debut album or albums. Long story short, we said screw it we just won’t play (live shows) or interviews so basically they let us go after years of arguing and now we own our vast music library. In our library there is a ton of music that we think will change the music Industry. I spoke to Javier (A.K.A. Ley 54) the other day our guitar player and he stated that he wants to experiment with some new songs entailing guitar riffs that have never really been done before and he wants to start recording them very soon. Troy said, “There is definitely a game to be played with Aggitated Pearl for sure.” So we agreed on bringing Javier in to record in the studio but in the mean time we will send the music via the internet and I’ll do vocals here (In Texas) and Javier will do his new scratch (new ideas) guitar parts in Puerto Rico and send the files to Troy in Ft. Lauderdale so we are taking advantage of today’s technology and once that’s done we will all get together in the studio and pull it all together. We feel we have a very distinct sound that crosses all genres including at times some classical elements and we intend to bring them all to the forefront of our music.”

CC: “So what are your goals?”

JM: ” We will do three new songs and stay true now more than ever to our distinct sound.”

CC: “So what are your thoughts on today’s music as many think it is in a rut or simply not new at all?”

JM: “The industry is in a stand still for sure nothing is really happening at all right now and it’s all very boring. When you have a guy from England on the “Good Morning America” show that has no band at all behind him and people are sleeping over night to see him at 9:00 a.m. it’s just a crazy thing to see because the music goes absolutely nowhere. So this is one of the reasons we are going back into the studio is because there is nothing out there right now that’s new and fresh. I can say the same thing about the film industry, everything art is in a stand still.” We feel that we have some serious songs to put out that will change music platform. I know the label knew it when we were with them and we still know it now, so we intend to put our footprint in motion so to speak.

CC: “What do you guys have in store for the near future?”

JM: “Funny you ask because we are looking at that right now and it looks like this coming winter in December or January of 2018 we are going to start doing some live shows. By then we hope everyone across all mediums likes the music we release.”

CC: “We shall see if you can come up with something new and I thank you very much for speaking to me today.”

JM: “No problem and thank you we hope everyone takes a liking to our new material and I look forward to speaking to you again.”

I am going to be interviewing several bands in search of the new sound we as listeners can label and enjoy. Aggitated Pearl has yet to prove to the world their sound is the right one for us. I don’t know who will be the next “Nirvana” but I will keep looking.